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A global intellectual property challenges forum is held in Saudi Arabia as part of the G20 International conferences program

Monday 12 October 2020:

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property and the Saudi Secretariat for the G20 are organizing the Global Intellectual Property Challenges Forum on 3/9/1442 AH(10/26/2020 ) as part of The International Conferences Program, honoring the G20 Saudi presidency year 2020, as an initiative to respond to the priorities related to intellectual property in light of pandemics and global crises.

The Global Intellectual Property Challenges Forum deals with several topics related to coordinating intellectual property operations procedures, exchanging their policies, and disseminating information related to intellectual property in the presence of more than 36 parties. The forum will be inaugurated by Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, and its closed session will be moderated by the Chief Executive Officer

The forum is attended by leaders of intellectual property offices in the G20 countries, in addition to the participation of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Health Organization, and virtually hosting a number of intellectual property offices and international organizations.

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